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In Jail Or On The Street Its Mah Wrap Sheet heh heh heh!
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Mah Names "Alon The Felon"
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I'm A Man
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Jails Okay For a Felon, Your pretty Much Left alone..
I'm Serving the last 8 years Of mah 14 and 1/2 yr sentence.
(6mths timeoff for pre-court time served).
I got 15 - 20 years..
("out in 15" good behaviour deal)
for Armed Robbery.
I like Babes, Dogs and Sport.
Alon The Felon


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Mar 17, 2004
The Beat Goes On

A title with a sonny and cher theme..
Sorry folks nahhh, it has nothing to do with sonny and cher although I was quite partial to the song and hum it (internally) occasionally.
I havent mentioned Unk for some time but i figured today would be as good as any to mention him, hes been ill, he has an over-active thyroid. I know very little about the medicinal world
except to say hes gained weight and his diet has had to be somewhat altered
and now hes a daily pill popper, however poor old unk is a tired man these days, he seems to have lost his active side and sleeps more then maybe he should these days.
hes doing better since hes been to the doc and got medication but he just isnt himself.
I keep tellin him soon enough he'll be pushing me around again and life won't even have appeared to have slowed for the time it did.
I think  its gotten much colder in here then it usually is, its weird how crowds and emotions shift, newcomers are brought in  and some old ones depart.
Although on a whole old crims leaving with new ones replacing them isn't always a good thing.
Ya get use to your surroundings in here and get all to comfortable with them.
Seeing a new face trying to blend in with other prisoners is like spotting a bright pink frog sitting  on a huge green leaf, you aint gonna miss it.
I think newcomers think by just sitting at a table  without sayin nothing they blend in because literally we all dress and look somewhat the same to a point. But nahh sorry horaceo you stick out like a great ass on a laker girl, and nothin is gonna change that!
newcomers mean fresh blood in the system, another chance for someone to have power of some kind, its all about power and tiers in here,  when ya new your on the bottom tier and you have no power at all, unless  of course your comin in for another stint here and are already known on the scene then its kinda like-- welcome home Jack great to see your still stealing cars and choppin them up for a livin.
I figure more then  2/3's of  crims that have been in here since i have, have come back,
mostly robbery and drug charges etcetera
its an interesting lifestyle to a point, i mean they have a betting and gambling ring happening everytime someone goes on how many days weeks months it will be before they see him back in here.
Sometimes we screw up and they end up back in the system just not in here.
Today i shook the hand of a fellow prisioner for the last time, Steel (steve) hes out after a ten year stint, and I'm hopin he won't come back, hes almost  the epitomy of what prison reform is all about.
hes leaving to try and forge a life for himself in criminal behavioral sciences, hes smart guy and has 2 degrees he earnt whilst sitting in here in jail, ya gotta respect that somewhere down the line.
A drug Dealer at 22 caught for i think 5th or 6th time, ten years in here, now totally reformed, hes never touched drugs just got caught up in the world of selling them to make ends meet. Well now he has new opportunitys and I wish him well. hes one guy I'll be stayin in contact with.
Purely for the motivation of knowing i can do what he did but also to see if this reform and rehab program we are caught up in here actually do work.

Steel may the luck of the irish follow you
and enjoy your freedom.


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Mar 1, 2004

I sit here typing to myself---
the click of others hitting keyboards with zeal, as they too type away their woes or amend their latest  project or other such literary work.
I stop typing and sit staring out the small barred window to the right of me --
Its raining, unusual for this time of the year but almost refreshing a change from the coldness of these walls,
I watch in awe as the small drops of rain splash to the window ledge's surface then splatter off in different directions
The rain has a somewhat calming effect at times, its almost mezmerising yet it can also spell dizaster with is ability to cause floods, famines, and destroy crops, mountains and lives .
We curse the rain when its pouring out from the sky and wetting down our washing hanging on backyard lines or flooding our basement, yet we crave it so badly for our crops and water useage.
Its ironic that something that ultimately looks so beautiful and sounds so wonderous, melodic and magical can be more so associated with, crime, danger, horror, and the worst the world has to offer then with love peace harmony and beauty.
Have you ever noticed in scary movies or sordid tales, horror stories or even melancholy moments that they are all associated with rain and yet here I sit watching its beauty not only humbled by its existance but thinking how amazing it is and how lucky I am to have the privledge of viewing its beauty yet again.
I desperately wish I could reach out for just a few seconds and let those drops reach my hand just to truly feel and absorb its wonderment .
ahh to have what we all take for granted,  the ability to stop and watch our world beyond our walls of life, and  truly take in its essential beauty using that to create a memory that is worthy of our lifetime.


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Feb 24, 2004
my education

After reading chinwaggz blog briefly today --- The first time I had been there in some time, 
and seeing her post on Slipper Slide Education
I felt I had to finally post here again.
I to, was a child who fell into the deep cracks of education.
I could not read very well and yet I managed to continue the climb going upwards through classes,
with this going unnoticed.
Unfortunately for me this was also to be one of my downfalls because pretty soon I was unable to read and understand what I was reading, and it began to show in my work ability.
It was one of the many reasons I left school so young and ventured into a world I wish had not existed.
Although I did attend school for the most part, living from place to place with nowhere to call home or no parents to help me was obviously more of a contributing factor to my failing education and life.
I was also fortunate that a girl I dated for while, whose father was a preacher took time out of his busy schedule to teach me the fundamental basics of reading again and help push me to want to learn more.
And here I am today, without that preacher and I guess my own personal drive at that time to want to learn I would be one of the many victims of todays educational system who simply fell to the side and was never noticed.
I wanted to also say that I haven't posted in a short while due to the constraints here in prison but also due in part  for having a few issues personally I have been dealing with.
May be when the timing is right I will share them in some depth here but until that time I am keeping those to myself.
All I will say is that even locked up in here with a thousand or more other inmates and little drive to co-exist --- much less exist at all has its toll on you --- the outside world seems so far away and yet it really is closer then we all think.
It has been a long few weeks and until I truly can place myself within my own understanding of why things have changed somewhat within me, I am less inclined to post here.
I guess having limited time also has made it difficult but right now I am not in the same frame of mind nor place where I once was and I'm not truly able to reach myself much less share this downward or any other expeience with others.
When its time  for me personally I will co-exist with the blog world again, but right now I feel less then worthy and even more and more less inclined to want to be.
I will be back , as I still find some solace within this blog, The people who are here for me make me want to strive to a better self everyday and even though that sounds very uncomplicated at times it has been somewhat overwhelming.
I'll be back next week with some simpleness to add to this somewhat awkward non functional post that has left not only you but also me in a somewhat state of disarray.


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Jan 26, 2004
All for a blob on a stick

we don't get to watch a lot of television here and what we do get to watch is usually rehabilative, or from national geographic, discovery etcetera,  or they choose movies for us on movie nights, we can also request movies as long as they meet the prisons criteria.
Occasionally and depending whos on duty we get to watch some award shows and last night was golden globe night, I have no deep interest in hollywood nor its winners or losers and yet i sat there watching the charade the majority placed upon themselves as they accepted globes wtih zest, and earnest and even braggable self righteousnesss.
The men looked at their best, some shabby  some clean cut and flashy. Its amazing how well men hold their age and how some just let it all fall to the ground. You see someone like Jack Nicholson at 66  then Diane Keaton at 58 and you begin to wonder whos outdoing who?
I almost got the impression that Jack looks better.
I see Al Pacino and I wonder if the 3 of them aren;t having a jowl competition.
Women are the same in a sense  except with the guise of a wonderos makeup artist and hairdresser, they tend to make themselves appear ever so fake  even worse if plastic surgery has had its toll.

I watched  inexcusablely as Nicole Kidmans breasts  left the inside of her gown on several occasions to peep sideways from under her armpits in their perky, controlled fashion and laughed internally at her adjustments. Them Australian chicks are some sort of  something.
I feasted on the  all ladies, as a man would do in jail, wondering  the usual how big her breasts are, how she would be in bed, how great those legs would look wrapped around me, then my mind leapt to other thoughts, like how many lives one of their gowns could save, then along came Meryl and  made us all stare  in silence, maybe even shock as she popped out her last few lines of human honesty and is she right?
Absolutely, how can marriage and steroids in sport be on the top of anyones agenda running government? I sit and  laugh as i fear the worst  of mistakes in our governments history could  be occuring.
Who would even class marriage as an importance in the year 2004.
I believe they think by  throwing millions of dollars into a SCAM to want people to get married to avoid  more  welfare issues is ignorant to say the least, the majority of youngsters having babies becoming single mothers aren't even of legal age, and yet we are now going to school them into wanting to get married, The divorce rate just went up ten fold at the mere thought of this outrageous notion.
15 years olds marrying so we have less single mothers to  live off welfare, so instead you have poor struggling families of another 15 year old to worry about who is now working 2 shifts at macdonalds to raise his child and 15 year old wife because the government believes marriage will fix our single mother situation.
Who doesn't see this as diasterous?
My ten minutes is up, but  i can honestly say to act  in movies and film with the hope fo recieving a ball on a stick as some sort of "acceptance by guilds" in hollywood is rather a waste of time.
Do it because its your passion, not because it means acceptance.
For the Government throwing in the iron on marriage, its time to get a grip, more divorce occurs with the percantage of rich people then it does in lower class families. 11 of them are contributed to one actress in herself,  the odds  of staying married when your rich and unhealthily unhappy are less then if your poor and struggling but love your family. 
Forcing people to marry because of mistakes is like telling the rich they cant get a divorce for the same reasons.
Wake Up and smell your coffee,  You need to re-educate our children on life, sex, drugs,  not on whether they should be getting married if they fall pregnant.
I fear the governments logic has somewhat been overclouded by the recent arrest and capture of Mr Iraq himself (suddam hussain) lets not let that cloud our judgement on what is or is not of HUGE importance in our country, Somehow I think, marriage and sports people on steroids are far from the top 100 on that list.
I guess its an Olympic year " as it seems sport is in the air in government"  and I guess Church  Law is still more important to the president then the laws that actually govern our land.
Food for thought.
Be well folks.


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Jan 15, 2004
Life In A Tank

Well its not right that i am now restricted to limited net access because an inmate decided to hack into the prison system, but here we are. For the next 3 months [trial period] I have a guard less then 2 feet away watching me type to ya'll  and i have exactly 10 minutes  to do it.
the guys that shit in our nest don't look so happy these days, Its hard to do much damage with ten broken fingers.
Its not just my time they screwed with but over 60 other inmates, we lost even the ability to do research which initially this is what the system here was set up for.
Ten other inmates I am aware of keep a journal of some form, Most write letters to loved ones and family using a diary, journal or blog.
So can understand why they were just a little bit provocated and then pissed off  more when we lost access and then were granted only ten minutes a week to type.

This is the extent of my Internet access [ to this blog ] I have over this duration.
They are placing in a new system and upgrading some of our stuff, as they are bringing in another 5 new classes this year as well teaching computer resources, like web design, c++, programing in Vb, Perl, Java, Php, Asp, graphic arts, computer technician etcetera.
I think its great that this will be taught in the prison and if i am able I will take some of these classes as well.
You can never be short on knowlege, especially to do with computers, I know its the technology revolution of the 90's and now our futures.
Unk is going crazy reading up on Graphic Design Classes hes so brilliant in the arts and he wants to for the first time in his life sign up into a REAL class as well as learn how to hopefully paint using a computer. he did an arts course here some time back to learn how to master brush technices or somethin he paints for his outlet several times a week for about 2 hours. I guess we all need something to help release our frustrations and to help guide ourselves through our time here. one day I'll reflect back on this journal and think to myself good thoughts or bad ones about where i was at in a particular time during my term here. I'm sure it will help guide me further along with my life. I am still hopeful of early release into a state facility lockdown or house arrest situation, even though i will still be incarcerated in some form i will still have a few more freedoms then i do now, obviously this depends on me , my behavior here and how i fair during my study and rehab period. My times up so i'll be back in a week. be careful out there!


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Jan 4, 2004
Closed For Repairs

Bloggin From Jail will be temporarily closed due to prison reforms


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Dec 29, 2003
How Do We Protect An Inmate?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
It was quiet here, I got a care package with cookies, candy and some magazines to read, which was great, courtesy of the correctional facilty donors.
Bless them all.

We had some form of turkey and vegtables with gravy, apple pie and icecream.
Simple but it was actually bordering on the nice side. traditional yet modern (hey how often do you get the chance to gobble turkey in jail ---- for some I guess plenty of opportunity.)

Now to a complete turn around of events,
I am somewhat amazed that in this day and age with Hep C, Aids and so on..
that this is still occurring on a daily basis and there seems to be no reform or help in sight for prisoners, nor is there any real counselling or pysch help for the victims of such abuse:

I read this with complete horror - - -

Written By A Cell Mate To Human Rights:
I've been sentenced for a D.U.I. offense. My 3rd one. When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. Certainly none of this. I'm a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. And very shy. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. I have been raped by up to 5 black men and two white men at a time. I've had knifes at my head and throat. I had fought and been beat so hard that I didn't ever think I'd see straight again. One time when I refused to enter a cell, I was brutally attacked by staff and taken to segragation though I had only wanted to prevent the same and worse by not locking up with my cell mate. There is no supervision after lockdown. I was given a conduct report. I explained to the hearing officer what the issue was. He told me that off the record, He suggests I find a man I would/could willingly have sex with to prevent these things from happening. I've requested protective custody only to be denied. It is not available here. He also said there was no where to run to, and it would be best for me to accept things . . . . I probably have AIDS now. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking to hard on all this. . . . I've laid down without physical fight to be sodomized. To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for. I know my crimes. I know I deserved to be punished by the law for driving under the influence of alcohol, I should have learned my lesson after my first arrest for it, but I was young, naive and stupid, {I still am young, although I now feel like I have the body of a 50 year old, no longer naive and less stupid},  but I don't believe I deserved this abuse or cruelty on top of the sentence already given to me by the law.

J P (full name witheld) US (state withheld) Corrections Facility

Sure I know this shit goes on, I've been lucky to have been pretty much left alone,
I've also been lucky to have made a few friends that are highly respected in here  which has kept me out of the gangs, clans and  being a bitch wife to some abusive a-hole.
Fortunately they consider me to be Unks Bitch. Its a good thing in reality, I'm left alone hes highly respected so unless some newbie comes here with a will to die then I'm pretty much safe, well as safe as one can assume to be in here.
 Sure Unk and I share moments, but nothing sexual, just emotional.
We are tight sure, but we also know our boundaries.
Sex, Yeah We miss it, Yeah we talk about it,
But nahhh its something you can either live with or live without,
God gave us a pair of hands that are rather useful and I discovered a long time ago what I can do with them hands if the need arises.
Unk and I always agree on this outlook ---- Play with ya own or get off the jungle gym!

I guess people forget that once a crim is locked away that he endures things no-one would ever dream  could happen, the unimagineable.
I figured in jail locked up with all the guards and a warden I'd be safer then on the streets but in reality its a Meat market in here and theres nowhere to hide and even less places to run.
You take each day as it comes and hope that you survive it long enough to see tomorrow..

 A DUI chargeis definantly not derserving of the treatment this man endured. In fact its more criminal what happened to him  and what the "law" allowed to happen to him then the crime he himself committed in the first place.

Okay enough Depressing shit, i just figured while everyone was ringing in the new year someone may just toss out a prayer or thought for other people/inmates  like JP.
Happy New Year  To All Those who visit here...

Bring it in With Pride, Certainty, Honor and Respect
And  just think about JP before you get behind the wheel of your car
after consuming any amount of alcohol.


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Dec 22, 2003
Happy Holidays From Jail

Its that time of year when the good seem perfect and the bad seem good,
we all tend to try and see through the facade of bullshit most of us insist on wearing for the majority of our lives.
We all do it, we all walk around in a maze of pain at times all the while smiling like nothings wrong, lifes perfect etcetera,
but it seems at Christmas time we tend to all get a little bit more emotional and let go of that barrier
even if its just for a moment or two.
Its nice to see we can be more forgiving and tolerant of others at this time of year and it makes most of us feel all the better for it, although it also seems to work both ways.
We do good ---- to feel good!
Its also that time of year that the cockroaches can crawl out of the woodwork. so I remind you all even in the spirit of christmas beware of the people asking for money for charities, always check their credentials, never give more then you can afford or have and never sign a blank check. if you give, give to the real needy charities that rely and truly need the help from the people every year, like orphanages for homeless children.
And Remember You don't always have to give money to make someones christmas special, any gift is good, even the gift of words.
Take a chance and smile at someone in the street and wish them happy holidays you could be the only person they hear utter those words this holiday season.

Happy Holidays To All and to All a goodnight!
Merry Christmas and happy new Year to all of you who read my blog and to your familys as well.

Friday - I was honored beyond belief by your generous donation in my name,
your an exceptional lady.
Happy Holidays and  I hope your Daddy gets well soon.

signed -

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Dec 12, 2003
bd - Insanity - As Crazy as Them Two

Ok here goes a brief post.
How refreshing is it when people give of themselves with no expectations.
I saw Fridays Child has started up a group with Dee,
BlogDrive Insanity
now Fridays Child is a regular  reader here, of which I am very appreciative. her comments are always hopeful and positive - filled with love and warmth.
I don't know of Dee that well she has been a few times here posted in the same positive manner - but i am unsure whether or not shes a regular - anyway -
other then that she has her blog chinwaggz, I have been to her blog recently (today) and I spent hours in shock after reading her sons letter, Dear Santa by Aidan Patrick Walsh, if you read anything this christmas i reccomend readin that, talk about pulling at heart strings and making your own life look like roses, sad life for one so young.
back to subject
These two ladies have dedicated their time to helping other bloggers, they always post comments that are refreshing, positive and honest. Lending an ear to those in pain or upset even when their own life isn't that great.
They offer up their time to serve people with pictures and the like even doing blog layouts so others have a blog they can say is groovy too.
They seem to be just the nicest people.
I am unable to join any group online or offline unless its rehabiliative i have put in all 3 sites for approval so i can at least read your material constantly, bdinsanity and chinwaggz was approved the other - fridays child - is a much longer read for them but i should know in the next few days.
They went over their call of duty and made me an honorary member of Blogdrive Insanity and for that I am so greatful, - just to be known of and accepted as just one of the guys by them has made my christmas. I have the only gift i need this year - the gift of someone elses humanity.
Ladies - a hug may be worth a thousand words, but prison rules state - no physical contact - so just know i thought about it and i thankyou from deep down in my heart.

We have had endless random cell checks this week and that will continue threw out those holidays we are experiencing, well you are out there - we have a christmas tree outside with some lights and a star but i think its a ploy to make us hypnotic while in the yard (somethin new to look at means someone aint tryin to kill the bastard from C block 45a.)
No ones really tryin to kill the bastard in 45a it was just an example - although he is a real bastard!

Tis the season to be jolly,  i guess we should be, although study has hit that stage where this is the road your going to either hit a curve and end up in a tree or manage to take the curve safely and move forward, its much harder then i could have imagined and im stumbling through but not to the point of failure - i just have to read some of this pyscho analysis stuff more times then the average monkey would. It just takes me a little longer to absorb the required information.
I'm hitting around b's so i'm still passing and thats all that matters - im not out for any smartest prisoner awards, i just want to pass. Passing = the future and thats all I care about for now.

The weather is colder and we have thicker blankets awarded to us at this time fo the year. i say awarded because those who have been in more trouble then a biker in a no bikers allowed bar,  aren't given the extras the rest of us have.
Another reason we try to keep our noses clean, that extra blanket makes up for a whole lot of shit when its cold , lonely and your desperately in need of a little extra warmth. I guess some have never experienced that warmth, and i say it as in the meaning warming the inside not just the out.
We have had earlier nights as the dark settles in very fast outside these days and the snow has been whisping itself outside the prison, nothing has really stuck yet, but its early for the season, we know we'll get it soon enough.
Although we only get to glance at it  through wire, because as soon as it sticks here they close the yard and have the snow shovelled out - for obvious reasons I am sure.

It seems from the list of blogs i can read that are approved for my reading, some people have turned all godly and christianity is at its peak.
I read with enthusiasm at some of this stuff and yet amongst  some their white wash of their Godly beliefs  is their true hypocritical selves.
I believe in god I pray to him too, i visit our sunday chapel here every sunday, i just dont talk about how hes doing this for me and so forth as others do.
In their posts  they are raving about how god brought them closer to this or that etc -  then in their next post their ridiculing some Famous person or someone whos been charged for a crime but not convicted or their ranting about the weather or their neighbor or the dog or a tv show etc etc  - you get my point - (real christian like)..
Dave (of homewardbound) Your not included in this fold, theres a small difference in re-establishing yourself into gods life and having a blog dedicated to your road back with god.
These other people are believers when it suits in my opinion, and right now its seems cool to believe.
It will pass  and I bet my left ball that within months none of them talk about god in any way shape or form until the fad on believing is again cool.
I return back to Fridays Child who has had issues with god shes not letting herself be whitewashed into being a hypocrite like the others.. I think she has guts and i think its great she states her beliefs openly and honestly.

ok Merry Christmas to everyone who passes by these four pages and I hope yours is special and memorable.
take time out on Christmas Day to think about someone less fortunate and remember Christmas is about giving not recieving - although recievings pretty cool too.


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Dec 6, 2003
Review This oo0o

ok first time this happened i was pissed this time i am livid,
don't ever hit backspace typing you lose the fucking whole entry.
moving right along
Starts again

Not that i have all that much time left to be here, but here goes --
i was talking about my review for you all.
I have been so caught up in studies, we have hit hard stuff thats requring hours of study and reference reading as well as , notes etc so i haven't had a lot of time on computer or to be loggin in to blogdrive
The review as i explained went pretty good.
I was  first given standard  blood, urine tests and a complete physical, they do these randomly anyway for drugs, disease etc.
I wasn't surprised to find out i am healthy no diseases and no drug findings.
then it was a 1 page x 1000 words minimum on why i think i am locked up?
interesting i can answer this in much less
i was stupid, young, made bad choices and got caught.
Am i remoreseful for the things i did? Well of course it really fucked up my life, but I have  and I am seeing that this was a phase that came to an abrupt end and if i hadn;t bene caught  i wouldn't have a better future outlined  nor the goals i have now set for myself and my life.
So being caught I will never be remorseful about In an almost masochist/sadist way i am glad i got caught and am being punished.
Obviously my response was much more in depth becuase it had to be.
next was the Pysche analysis, they basically talk about your childhood etc and you spend literally hours telling them your life story your thoughts etc.
Then they read my reviews by the warden, my lawyer, and 2 guards. They were interesting i guess but nothing i didn't already expect to hear.
They then reviewed my journal here and explained their thoughts on this  and how they saw it as a positive they were  pretty shocked but understood why you guys out there are so positive and come by to read me. One even said they would more then likely read it often as they actually enjoyed my thoughts.
I'll remember to add him into a post about how i hated his reviews on my journal ha ha ha
Joking Panel reviewer #4
The came the good stuff they did I say you Say crap , you know when they say a word(black) you respond with first answer into your head (white)  that crap.
Then they reviewed the piece I wrote, and also my studies. This was interesting in a nutshell they are very pleased with my eagerness to learn, my dedication to my studies and  willingness to go the extra mile if need be to get them done.
I guess i really have applied myself and thats obvious.
They believe they are going wel, grades are high, and i've shown committment  to them.
So all in all there was other small things that don;t add up too shit they talked about and even still after it was all said and done it makes no difference in my life except on paper i got a good review which took maybe 4 weeks of my sentence.
4 weeks in here though is a long long time when your living it day to day.
I will be reviewed again in 8-12 months and go through pretty much the same stuff.
Politically  these reviews end up taking about 6 months - a year off your sentence, but you can also  get put into the home jail program if all goes well and end your last 3 years of your sentence wearing the magic braclet and living in a house for crims group home or be sponsored. either way its hard but at least your out there. I am hoping to get into that program but i want to finish my degree here before i even venture into signing up. then its probably a couple of years after that it will be looked at.
Well  thats the review.
I am going to be on hiatus over the next few weeks as the study i have is really rigid and in depth and i really just don't have time nor the brain cells to post here and get it all together for the up and coming exams etc. I'll be back shortly after there over with  and we start the next round of work. If i get a free moment though i promise i'll be in here typing away--- until then  be good if i dont get here first enjoy christmas and dont forget to buy the needy kid in your neighbourhood a little something, Even i donated to charity, well via my prison income i did  but thats another story.
Make sure you do it, our kids are our furture presidents, school teachers doctors and so on.


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