Entry: yeah yeah Oct 20, 2003

Yeah Yeah!
so - i finally published them
i know i forgot that point even after mentioning it.
You all can stop the rumblings of boredom and "lets say shit to him now."
get over it, I had too!

Today was a freak day again
The dood who slops shit into our eating trays had a stroke
I dun think i ever said anything to him cept, yeah thanks in all the years i been here.
I don't think he even  knew my name, i found out his was Reg, but hey! that dun mean shit too me.
The dood was polite, slopped ok and never missed a day since i  been here, but seems no one really knew him
We have a service for the religious types today for him, they get to mourn or pay final respects and all that. I guess its a good thing too touch something we all know of here "god"
well I'll miss him he always had one of them glad to see ya faces even though ya never coulda remembered it in a crowd you always felt good about it when you saw him.
I don't think i really remember all that much about him cept for the thoughts i had when i saw him for my 3 meals a day.
Not many did
Death is a funny thing, i always wanted to be remembered for something and yet i think I'm really justa  Reg,
I won't be remembered for much at all, except maybe that glint  he gave when he said hello or something yanno that kinda thing.
I'm not an oppressed victim or crim or anything, i am far from notorious and i really am simple in thought and theory and even logic.
No bells and whistles here.
I think i could be remembered for my disposition,
i am a good natured type most of the time.
ahh something for me to think about,
Maybe you can offer advice here, what would you remember me for if i died tomorrow?
i'll add to this one.
its definantly thought process required and right now i'm processing very little.




October 24, 2003   10:34 AM PDT
I really have great respect for you. While reading your blog, it brought back a lot of memories for me. My dad kept a journal while we was in prison and he mailed me his entries so that in some weird way, he could be part of my life w/out being with me. That was about 7 years ago, and after reading what you have written, I feel it all over again. It's not a bad feeling, but it's a feeling I will always remember, and hold close to my heart. Apparently you have touched a considerable number of our lives thru your writing, I know you have touched my heart. I don't wanna keep you, I know you have other comments to read, so remember to smile and keep your head up...Sincerely~Nina
October 24, 2003   08:19 AM PDT
I have just found your blog and have this comment, question, statement however you may wish to class it. I would remember you for being someone who seems to be quite intelligent and inciteful. But my question is (if you dont mind answering) how did you get involved in in such a life when you seem to have such talent
October 24, 2003   06:21 AM PDT
Hey, Alon. Just thought I'd tell ya that I'd miss your entries, too. You're a hella cool guy.
October 21, 2003   08:55 AM PDT
ok i tried to leave this in your tag board but it cut me off...damn thing anyways..lol..ok..as i was saying...i dont know you..but i can honestly tell you this..if you were to die tomorrow..i would really miss reading this blog..miss the words of wisdome you write in here...u have given me alot to think about on several different occasions..and have even left me saying to myself...:now why didnt i think of that"...your a great person.....love reading about you...take care..until next time...Melissa
October 21, 2003   06:03 AM PDT
I think you're the best Alon. Good luck sweetie.

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