Entry: Tamed But Not Domesticated Oct 28, 2003

I have this dream its all about things after i get out.
My lifes taken almost a 360 turn since this arrest,
Yeah I'm a much quieter dood these days, i certainly have my priorities in
a complete different order and i have without a doubt been tamed,  surely in the immediate sense my mind no longer thinks the worlds against me etc!

The Dream
I  Dream of leaving Jail moving into a place  and  there I am happy,  i am working, i am doing the things that most of society do each day and yet i cant keep a fuckin dish clean,  nor vaccum so the carpet looks vaccumed, my bed always looks wrinkly even though its made and i cant remove that little bit of mildew that keeps coming back in the bathroom. My clothes always look like they were never washed..
I am totally not domesticated and yet i know how to do these things.
I let it affect me to the point i am rubbing the walls in the bathroom so hard to remove that mildew i am now painting them with my own blood.
This is the poin at which i wake up.
I cant dissect this dream with an open mind, I dont know why i am having it constantly and its driving me nuts..
not that being in here doesn't already do that to ya.
Unk says most of us dream about things that have happened in here or will happen, like rape, beatings,  murder n such and here i am dreaming bout my bathroom not been clean enough.
I dont get it, maybe its a sign that i am tryin to hard to keep my nose clean in here, maybe its a warning that when i get out i dont need to be God to have a regular life, maybe its  a look into my past about my hands not being clean "why i'm here" i have no idea.
Sometimes i wish i was a dream  interpretor  then i could at least simplify its meaning without wondering too much about it.
They say dreams are part of your subconscious self and that your subconscious self is the true you. If thats the case then I'm a great guy who cant clean a fuckin thing  hahaha..
Ahhh well maybe it will come to someone out there what my dream means feel free to enlighten me with your thoughts..
I'm outta here i see a marlboro with my name on it.



January 5, 2004   01:01 AM PST
I have my own fucked up dreams myself . . . but if I may, here is my interpretation. Not to be stupid or lame, but I am reminded of Shawshank Redemption (damn good movie). It's nothing so obvious as forgetting how to do things outside jail, but . . . I think you're telling yourself that it won't ever be normal after you get out. Domesticity and cleaning in dreams do not mean exactly that . . . I think it maybe mean that as hard as you try, your jail time will still be with you, part of who you are, no matter how you try to forget or move on to a normal life. Some turns in life can never be forgotten.
friday's child
November 2, 2003   03:59 PM PST
No interpretations from me. There are so very many methods of interpreting dreams - one method might be totally the opposite of another so I don't go there. Whenever I have a recurrent or distrubing dream I always remember what my mother used to tell me, "We dream so we won't go crazy."

I believe that when we sleep we are rejuvenating the body and the mind, shrugging off the dust from the day. My school of thought is that sometimes dreams don't mean anything, they're just dreams.

take care of you, Alon

*lights a Marlboro herself*
November 2, 2003   06:43 AM PST
I just have to throw in my 2 cents worth on the dream....Not all inturpitations come from books. I am a slef proclaimed intrupritor I do my own and my friends. What I got from your dream is the pure fact that you are afraid you will make Common mistakes one you are out. mistakes that will embarass you i.e. the dishes not being done, wrinkles in your already made bed. and the reason you clean the mildew in your bathroom is because the mildew represents your past and you are now freah out of jail with all these "Stains" and they bother you and you are trying your hardest to wash them away. Only causing more pain. basicly your dream is telling you to except you for you. Which from you Blogs you do but you still have things you wish you could change. Everyone does. anyway just thought I would give you a different veiw of the dream other then a by the book. :) Keep writing cause I know we will all be reading.
November 2, 2003   02:21 AM PST
Hey Mate,
I did a little checking too. I took the 3 main elements and this is wot I found:-

To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood, signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends. Your past actions has come back to haunt you.

To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, it may symbolize purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

To dream that you are cleaning, implies that you are removing some negativity in your life and overcoming major obstacles. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life. In particular, if you are cleaning your house, then it signifies that you need to clear out your thoughts and get rid of your old ways and habits. You are seeking self-improvement.

I think the cleaning part is significant as you make points of always saying that you have taken action to change & turn ur life around. I'd say that this dream is reinforcing what you are doing and letting you know that you are heading in the right direction.

Continue the good work

Take care
November 1, 2003   12:43 PM PST
alon..i did a little research on your dream..and they said that whenever you dream of your own blood..it means you are releasing negative energy that has been built up....as far as the cleaning goes...the same thing...it is you trying to release negative energy with no success until you begin painting the walls with your blood...your blood is a symbol of the negative energy being released from your body...which is why the dream does not continue from there and you wake up....you will continue to have this dream until no more negative energy exists....hope this helps..=o)


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