Entry: Halloween In Jail Nov 1, 2003

hahaha we dont have  it really but we do try.
We save a few things and trade em shit like that,
some of the screws bring us candy  and share it around but we dont get dressed up and trick or treat like you guys do.
Some of the screws even go as far as dressing up like Reed he came as a car accident victim with his intestines hanging out everywhere, head beat in. Sicko he is hahaha
Drake came as some evil lookin devil character.
One of the guys got into the spirit in A block he painted the doods number on his shirt and hung a sign on His door with Kobies Bedroom on it.
Yeah we see the news once or twice a week if you can be bothered you get to watch highlights so we know that basketballer is in trouble. I haven't watched it in forever with study like it is. Things with my schoolin are hard now i am strugglin but its not that i dont know the answers its interpretin them for paper yanno.
If that sat down and asked me this shit i'd be an A student. Writin i dont believe is my thing so this blog stuff is definantly good for someone like me.

After the guards dressed up left and the candy and trade offs were done, we watched a movie madness medley 3 movies in a row all horror ones. The ring, Feardotcom and Willard.
They made good choices i guess, The ring was pretty good. Feardotcom just made me want to find the site and log on and  willard, well rats dont bother us so it was nothin.

Then lights out and bedtime.. man  ya think its bad in here on a regular night for sounds.. hahaha the fuckers were makin noises in cells on purpose, like scratchin noises, hoot sounds(owls) ahhhrooo (woof calls) they were doin em faintly but loud enough so theyd echo through these walls hahaha
fuckin A's  haha
Sleep is essential coz ya never get much of it, last night  it was definantly no existant, even though we all knew the noises were fake they managed to set the senses alight and we spent the rest of the night wakin to every  noise haha ones we've been living with for years and even know.
Ahh the beauty of the mind. dangerous thing that it is!
This morning  we all look like crap and  are sleep depraved but its just another day here one good thing i guess is everyones too damn tired to try anything so i expect the day will be quieter then a church mouse gettin head.

Happy Halloween to you guys out there I hope yours was as eventful Hahaha "sarcastically i smile with that jailbird glint in my eye, - as i stroll out the door back into the world of survival"



November 2, 2003   05:35 PM PST
I've never really associated with anyone in prison before, but when I saw your blog on the list of favorites, I just had to read it. Most of the time, I view people in prison/jail as a whole society than the one we live in, so I leave their world to them. You've changed that for me though. I'm curious about life there now on a day to day basis, rather than the one-sided documentaries you see on the history channel covering prisoners and what goes on inside a penn.
Anyway, I'm still intrigued by what you have to say, so I've singed up for notifications of when you write. I hope you don't mind, and I would encourage you to keep writing for the sake of yourself and others who read.
If you'd like to view my blog, just click on my name, but right now it's pretty bare. I just got it the other day and so far there are only 2 entries.
Again, I look forward to reading more...
C ya...

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