Entry: ahh the pain of it all Nov 12, 2003

migraines we all get em right?
ok maybe some of us get tension headaches which are equally annoying and painful, others get headaches  an we shovel down tylenol like its candy and they eventually go away and some of us are unfortunate and we get sinus headache  which if left too their devices are worse in my opinion then a migraine.
obviously  migraines take on more then one form some are  definantly worse then others.
Well for me i've never had any real headache migraine issues, I had sinus headache once about 5 years ago which i figured back then was gonna kill me, it turned out i was allergic too some allergen found in  this plant growing near the yard, they removed it.
The only other headache issues i've had have been when  my heads been  knocked around by a few dozen inmate fists or beat up on street corners in the "day" but other then  through injury i've never been a suffer until recently.
I started out getting these spots in my eyes then came the pain at first it seemed to meander about inside my head then dull to a numbing effect then it seemed i had pins and needles and it was gone until I bent my head forward or viewed any form of light whether it be natural or not - i realised at this point i had more then a regular headache.
After the 3 days of puking up  food - not  that  that is a bad thing in here considering the food is like puke anyway, i decided to get a slip to visit the resident  surgery and get looked at.
They gave me this  injection i felt like i was walking on stingray shit and skating into the freezone but  i could still feel the pain. the doc  told me i had a migraine and it should pass within 24, so i went back to my cell and there i lay until that 24th hour, he was right- after the shock my body had been jolted i was fine.
Back at study reading all that fine print, chalking up those agregate points 3 days in and again i started seein them spots and then again the pain hit me and the pukin began.
I figure i had got something - yanno like meningitis or some bacterial nasty, cavorting along within the world we live, breeding along from human to human.
So back to the Doc i went and after another injection he decided to run bloodwork and also bring in an optomertrist (for the eyespots).
I go back to my cell for that wonderful 24 hour period and again I feel like normal except my bodys trying to catch up with my brain still.
I venture to class the next day where I am yanked out to see the eye doc, it required about 30 min of testing, reading charts viewing pattersn letters numbers and shit through his mechanisms (let me say that cold air they blow at ya eyeball, if nothing makes you wanna look after your eyes that shit does, you have no control  to stop that and my only thought when i felt it hit was SHIT that coulda been any little projectile and bam thats my vision gone! I realised after the split second my brain kicked into protection mode it was just air and it was part of the test.) Once he was done he happily told me  that i needed reading glasses that my vison was not 20/20 and he doesn't know how i lasted this long with the headaches.
I smiled and said well doc when you lead my life reading wasn't a required option until recently, he laughed and said well i guess glasses are!
So he ordered in some basic  frames and the required lenses and here I am the new four eyes of the prison community and migraine free.
Imagine Links surprise when i told him this morning i could see carrot stains on his teeth!



November 12, 2003   09:47 PM PST
Mate, I totally have sympathy for u cause I too suffer from migranes and know exactly how not fun they are. Im glad that they have found a resolve to them for you. Just think now how much clearer you will be able to think and see now with the glasses. Glad to hear that your ok. Cheers

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