Entry: Sunrise Nov 13, 2003

I woke this morning before the sun rose and for the first time i guess in as many years i decided to give nature a chance and i tucked myself up onto the solitary chair in my sell squatting like a bird as I peered through my 3ft x 1ft cell window at the sky.
The grey overshadowing the walls here like a sleeve as the fog slowly rose from the earth to meet the spectacle that lay before it.
The sun began breaking through the  heavens so Huge and majestic as she rose to her glory. The brilliant Reds and Oranges Conjuring up rays of exquisite facets of jewelled light as everything Moist began to glisten at her arising touch.. The site of a sun rise on such a grand day even from this small vantage point was so amazing i suddenly felt my cheeks begin to wetten as tears rolled down them, i swallowed hard and tried desperately to contain myself, the joy at having experience such a moment overshadowed by the realisation of how cruel my life had been to not only myself but others. Here i was a tortured soul watching something i took for granted for years like a baby seeing its first glimpse of its mother.
 I felt a piece of me die this morning as another piece of me gave birth and i knew  that life could only get better for me, the sudden urge to want to be out of here was so overwhelming i fell backward. Sprawled on the floor I vicariously dreamed i was lying on a lawn in a world far away, watching this small mans eyes dart back and forth as he looked out at me through a tiny window in a jail cell... as the sun rose to greet me i felt its warmth and i said quite loud: "That  poor man is missing the best part of this sunrise, That glow on your skin as she touches you with her warmth and beauty"
The tears rolling off my cheeks into my ears made me realise i needed to get up this was something prisoners didn't do. i needed to contain myself and get it togteher before they made rounds to let us out for the days rituals.
I got up, my mind now back in my real zone I had forgotten the spectacle of this amazing feat, the sun rising to greet a brand new day.
Its amazing how something we don't even think about is really a trusted treasure we rely upon every day.
I pulled myself to my bed sat down, head in my hands and as i looked up i saw Unk looking through, he smiled and said, I guess you met My morning princess today huh?
I nodded, he nodded back and walked away as my cell door opened.
It almost felt good knowing someone else had met her - yet at the same time i felt a pang of jealous abandonment... i wasn't sure i was ready to share her with anyone yet. This was my first meeting, she was perfect and new and my finest moment, an experience i shall carry a lifetime with me although
Unk I believe understood this moment,  hence the nod, he himself had been here a long time and he'd probably met with her many times.
He is an amazin old fella  and if i was gonna share this moment with anyone it would definantly be with him.
I wiped my face on a towel headed out my cell and caught up to Unk, he patted my back with his weathered hand and we both smiled as we made our way down the hallway to  breakfast!



November 28, 2003   09:49 AM PST
*clap*clap*clap*, astoundingly beautiful...:-)
November 24, 2003   04:26 AM PST
wow u see things the way they are meant to be seen because you have so much time to think huh? keep your eyes up man expessialy at night.
November 18, 2003   07:38 PM PST
Damn man. If I read this a week ago I wouldn't know what you felt like but after spending two days in jail I know exactly why you cried.
November 18, 2003   03:14 AM PST
November 14, 2003   01:40 AM PST
God works in wonderful ways doesn't he? You may not be out in the world but you can still see and experiance it. Before you know it you will be able to do so for real. Kepp bloggin. your the best.
November 14, 2003   12:07 AM PST
All I can say is "Beautiful"
November 13, 2003   05:34 PM PST
are you israeli by any chance? Alon is a very israeli name.

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