Entry: All For One Nov 21, 2003

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the warm hearted people who visit me.
Your words of encouragement truly touched and warmed my heart.
The positive hope you shared with your comments has given me a new outlook on hope and now i feel positive, i have new lease on life and feel encouraged to achieve the best I can come monday.

I hold Up my hand in union with you all and say
"All for One and One for All"

We can all achieve greatness with hope, encouragement and a positive outlook.
Thanks--- your all worth my life.


November 28, 2003   09:43 AM PST
Your words are touching...
November 23, 2003   07:56 PM PST
keep your head high! you're a great person, i have a feeling you will show them all that, just as you've shown all of us here, on blogdrive. our thoughts are with you!
November 22, 2003   08:46 AM PST
Pat yourself on the back mate! U are the one that is having the courage and strength to make the change
November 21, 2003   08:16 PM PST
::claps:: Outstanding Speech! xD How can someone as cool as you get stuck in there...I wonder.

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