Entry: Test me all you want. Nov 29, 2003

Just wanted to let everyone know the review went ok.
They discussed my journal here in length, wanted to know how i felt about certain comments from people, my reactions  and shit like that.
You guys made a huge difference with your opinions and comments and tags, they saw the journal as a positive outlook and medium for me.
so rest assured i'm still going to post when i can and i look forward to more from you guys too.

Ok I'll update more about the rest of the shit they had me go through in class on Monday.


signed- Alon


December 1, 2003   01:32 PM PST
I think I've only commented on your blog once before, but after having just caught up on my reading of your blog, I thought I'd post again. I wanted to thank you for always keeping such a good outlook on life, despite your circumstances, because I can assure you, people like YOU give ME hope.
My Boyfriend was recently in jail, and I know that jail and prison don't compare, but it litterally made me ill. He had some things he hadn't taken care of (traffic tickets and what not) and things I didn't even know about, and even still, things he didn't even know about. They all piled up and he was held for about 20 days. That must not seem like long to you, but to me, it was a lifetime of waiting. Not 2 days before he was arrested, I found out I was pregnant, and all my emotions, all the morning sickness, and all the stress of financial burden and worry about how I'd get through without him hit me hard. When he got out, again, only after 20 days, he was SO incredibly happy and I could tell what kind of impact a place like that (that you're in) can have on a person. Thank you for your hope, you've really helped me to see that life doesn't end when you're locked up, away from the rest of the world, and that miracles do happen. Congratulations on your review, and I wish you happy holidays and more good reviews and privilages to come!
<3 - Tabi
November 30, 2003   10:52 AM PST
AWESOME NEWS!! but i am not surprised..i knew it would go well for you..and i knew once they saw this ..they would see you as we readers see you...your an awesome person who just got dealt a shitty hand in lifes game of poker...im so happy for you Alon..and i look forward to hearing more on how it went...
love ya
Coquine Caroline
November 29, 2003   01:53 PM PST
I just wanted to let you know, I've started reading your blog and it has turned into a real fascination of mine. I was actually telling a friend of mine about it (in real time, i.e OFF the internet and in the real world), and I said how amazing a blog like this is; it opens your eyes to this part of the world we tend to so brashly oversee and not give a second thought to.

Your style of writing is fluent and easy to read, and your ideas are wonderful. I've been reading your blog now regularly and I check back every so often to see what exciting tales you bring from a life that isn't so far away from everyone else, but something everyone tends to ignore.

Glad your interview went well.. I'll be back soon. : )
November 29, 2003   02:30 AM PST
I am so glad that your review went really well. That the reviewers saw, just as us bloggers, that your writtings are a huge positive outlet for you.
I am so thrilled for you.

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