Entry: Review This oo0o Dec 6, 2003

ok first time this happened i was pissed this time i am livid,

don't ever hit backspace typing you lose the fucking whole entry.
moving right along
Starts again

Not that i have all that much time left to be here, but here goes --
i was talking about my review for you all.
I have been so caught up in studies, we have hit hard stuff thats requring hours of study and reference reading as well as , notes etc so i haven't had a lot of time on computer or to be loggin in to blogdrive
The review as i explained went pretty good.
I was  first given standard  blood, urine tests and a complete physical, they do these randomly anyway for drugs, disease etc.
I wasn't surprised to find out i am healthy no diseases and no drug findings.
then it was a 1 page x 1000 words minimum on why i think i am locked up?
interesting i can answer this in much less
i was stupid, young, made bad choices and got caught.
Am i remoreseful for the things i did? Well of course it really fucked up my life, but I have  and I am seeing that this was a phase that came to an abrupt end and if i hadn;t bene caught  i wouldn't have a better future outlined  nor the goals i have now set for myself and my life.
So being caught I will never be remorseful about In an almost masochist/sadist way i am glad i got caught and am being punished.
Obviously my response was much more in depth becuase it had to be.
next was the Pysche analysis, they basically talk about your childhood etc and you spend literally hours telling them your life story your thoughts etc.
Then they read my reviews by the warden, my lawyer, and 2 guards. They were interesting i guess but nothing i didn't already expect to hear.
They then reviewed my journal here and explained their thoughts on this  and how they saw it as a positive they were  pretty shocked but understood why you guys out there are so positive and come by to read me. One even said they would more then likely read it often as they actually enjoyed my thoughts.
I'll remember to add him into a post about how i hated his reviews on my journal ha ha ha
Joking Panel reviewer #4
The came the good stuff they did I say you Say crap , you know when they say a word(black) you respond with first answer into your head (white)  that crap.
Then they reviewed the piece I wrote, and also my studies. This was interesting in a nutshell they are very pleased with my eagerness to learn, my dedication to my studies and  willingness to go the extra mile if need be to get them done.
I guess i really have applied myself and thats obvious.
They believe they are going wel, grades are high, and i've shown committment  to them.
So all in all there was other small things that don;t add up too shit they talked about and even still after it was all said and done it makes no difference in my life except on paper i got a good review which took maybe 4 weeks of my sentence.
4 weeks in here though is a long long time when your living it day to day.
I will be reviewed again in 8-12 months and go through pretty much the same stuff.
Politically  these reviews end up taking about 6 months - a year off your sentence, but you can also  get put into the home jail program if all goes well and end your last 3 years of your sentence wearing the magic braclet and living in a house for crims group home or be sponsored. either way its hard but at least your out there. I am hoping to get into that program but i want to finish my degree here before i even venture into signing up. then its probably a couple of years after that it will be looked at.
Well  thats the review.
I am going to be on hiatus over the next few weeks as the study i have is really rigid and in depth and i really just don't have time nor the brain cells to post here and get it all together for the up and coming exams etc. I'll be back shortly after there over with  and we start the next round of work. If i get a free moment though i promise i'll be in here typing away--- until then  be good if i dont get here first enjoy christmas and dont forget to buy the needy kid in your neighbourhood a little something, Even i donated to charity, well via my prison income i did  but thats another story.
Make sure you do it, our kids are our furture presidents, school teachers doctors and so on.



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December 31, 2003   02:19 PM PST
yeah besides the backspace key, never click on any ads or anything while blogging, cos i've done that where it pops up, and you may click it on accident, and it takes you to the full page on the page you were blogging on, and naturally what you wrote is gone when you go back.
December 22, 2003   07:28 PM PST
damn that backspace key! it does that to me all the time! i hate it.. unnerving!! ;)
December 7, 2003   07:28 AM PST
Once again u just prove how much of a beautiful soul u really are. Donating the little that u have to charity.
Wish u all the best on ur exams.. positive thinking all the way.
Have a great Chrissy mate.
Keep up the good work.
You really should be immensly proud of yourself.
Stay Safe
December 7, 2003   01:42 AM PST
Glad to hear the review went well Alon. I'm sure they will continue to go well too. You're a bright guy with a lot to offer. I think they are starting to see that. Take care.
December 6, 2003   01:27 PM PST
Good luck on your Exams...But..Hey..I'm a kid..or..kinda...
December 6, 2003   01:15 PM PST
AWESOME news Alon..im happy for you...but again..im not surprised..i knew you would do great on your review..im glad they see why we all love you so much...=o)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....=o)...good luck on your studies...=o)

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