Entry: bd - Insanity - As Crazy as Them Two Dec 12, 2003

Ok here goes a brief post.
How refreshing is it when people give of themselves with no expectations.
I saw Fridays Child has started up a group with Dee,
BlogDrive Insanity
now Fridays Child is a regular  reader here, of which I am very appreciative. her comments are always hopeful and positive - filled with love and warmth.
I don't know of Dee that well she has been a few times here posted in the same positive manner - but i am unsure whether or not shes a regular - anyway -
other then that she has her blog chinwaggz, I have been to her blog recently (today) and I spent hours in shock after reading her sons letter, Dear Santa by Aidan Patrick Walsh, if you read anything this christmas i reccomend readin that, talk about pulling at heart strings and making your own life look like roses, sad life for one so young.
back to subject
These two ladies have dedicated their time to helping other bloggers, they always post comments that are refreshing, positive and honest. Lending an ear to those in pain or upset even when their own life isn't that great.
They offer up their time to serve people with pictures and the like even doing blog layouts so others have a blog they can say is groovy too.
They seem to be just the nicest people.
I am unable to join any group online or offline unless its rehabiliative i have put in all 3 sites for approval so i can at least read your material constantly, bdinsanity and chinwaggz was approved the other - fridays child - is a much longer read for them but i should know in the next few days.
They went over their call of duty and made me an honorary member of Blogdrive Insanity and for that I am so greatful, - just to be known of and accepted as just one of the guys by them has made my christmas. I have the only gift i need this year - the gift of someone elses humanity.
Ladies - a hug may be worth a thousand words, but prison rules state - no physical contact - so just know i thought about it and i thankyou from deep down in my heart.

We have had endless random cell checks this week and that will continue threw out those holidays we are experiencing, well you are out there - we have a christmas tree outside with some lights and a star but i think its a ploy to make us hypnotic while in the yard (somethin new to look at means someone aint tryin to kill the bastard from C block 45a.)
No ones really tryin to kill the bastard in 45a it was just an example - although he is a real bastard!

Tis the season to be jolly,  i guess we should be, although study has hit that stage where this is the road your going to either hit a curve and end up in a tree or manage to take the curve safely and move forward, its much harder then i could have imagined and im stumbling through but not to the point of failure - i just have to read some of this pyscho analysis stuff more times then the average monkey would. It just takes me a little longer to absorb the required information.
I'm hitting around b's so i'm still passing and thats all that matters - im not out for any smartest prisoner awards, i just want to pass. Passing = the future and thats all I care about for now.

The weather is colder and we have thicker blankets awarded to us at this time fo the year. i say awarded because those who have been in more trouble then a biker in a no bikers allowed bar,  aren't given the extras the rest of us have.
Another reason we try to keep our noses clean, that extra blanket makes up for a whole lot of shit when its cold , lonely and your desperately in need of a little extra warmth. I guess some have never experienced that warmth, and i say it as in the meaning warming the inside not just the out.
We have had earlier nights as the dark settles in very fast outside these days and the snow has been whisping itself outside the prison, nothing has really stuck yet, but its early for the season, we know we'll get it soon enough.
Although we only get to glance at it  through wire, because as soon as it sticks here they close the yard and have the snow shovelled out - for obvious reasons I am sure.

It seems from the list of blogs i can read that are approved for my reading, some people have turned all godly and christianity is at its peak.
I read with enthusiasm at some of this stuff and yet amongst  some their white wash of their Godly beliefs  is their true hypocritical selves.
I believe in god I pray to him too, i visit our sunday chapel here every sunday, i just dont talk about how hes doing this for me and so forth as others do.
In their posts  they are raving about how god brought them closer to this or that etc -  then in their next post their ridiculing some Famous person or someone whos been charged for a crime but not convicted or their ranting about the weather or their neighbor or the dog or a tv show etc etc  - you get my point - (real christian like)..
Dave (of homewardbound) Your not included in this fold, theres a small difference in re-establishing yourself into gods life and having a blog dedicated to your road back with god.
These other people are believers when it suits in my opinion, and right now its seems cool to believe.
It will pass  and I bet my left ball that within months none of them talk about god in any way shape or form until the fad on believing is again cool.
I return back to Fridays Child who has had issues with god shes not letting herself be whitewashed into being a hypocrite like the others.. I think she has guts and i think its great she states her beliefs openly and honestly.

ok Merry Christmas to everyone who passes by these four pages and I hope yours is special and memorable.
take time out on Christmas Day to think about someone less fortunate and remember Christmas is about giving not recieving - although recievings pretty cool too.



kevin the one-armed
December 13, 2003   04:17 PM PST

There's a fine line to walk when you

a) Are a Christian and
b) write a blog and
c) don't want to write boring crap

I profess my faith from time to time and sometimes fall into the exact traps you speak of. It's a habit I'm trying to get out of and if all else fails I'm going to pull the plug on my blog. If you're ever in my neck of the woods (Baked Chunk) and believe I've crossed the line over to hypocrisy then please call me on it.

Bear in mind that I'm painfully aware that I'm a sinner and I do not profess to be better than anyone else because of my faith.

Merry Christmas Alon.
Friday's Child
December 12, 2003   10:39 PM PST
EH HEM! Can I jump in here? C'mon Dee - group HUG!

HUGGGGGGZ! And these are real hugs. Not the "air hugs" that people get when they wrap their arms around the air around you and maybe, just maybe they'll pat you on the back with their little fingertips? EWWW. Hate those - we're real huggers.

Alon, you may be sorry you said anything about us - we may just become like that booger you can't thump off. LOL

Here's hoping that some Christmas joy finds a home in the cockles of your heart.

Hugs! (man - it's a freakin hugfest!)
December 12, 2003   10:05 PM PST
Hey Alon,
Yes I'm commenting "amazing huh"...
Fc is too funny shes stalking me yanno "is only jokingggg" hahaha "sorry fc lolol"

Okay seriously now.. Ahem "clears throat"

Shes the bee knees.. "did she tell you that" its true... I love her, she called me today and we had our first hot date on the phone and we laughed alot more then I have in a while so was wonderful, shes really a very special lady so i'm so glad you see her for who she is too....

It was very sweet of you to comment about us the way you did, we are generally nice enough peoples and we do love helping so you got us right on the nose there.. Fc is definantly more heart then I am, don't get me wrong i am hearty but shes heartier (note the lack of ed's lmao) sorry i stray like that alot .. ermm anyways fuck the prision rule shit.. HUGGGGG back at ya...
I also read with interest your prison updates, tis amazing they don't allow you to play in the snow.. just think of all them inmates tryin to write their names in snow with pee LOL.. sorry probably a bad visual for you...
anyways i understand the snow ball fight thingy and that if it ices up ya'll would get hurt n shit but i think they could let ya just once... like chrissy day or something... if its snowy and stuff...
Oh well just my thinking, where would this world be without it.. ? "dont answer that i could be forced to kill you"...
yanno i think i posted a comment in your comments box longer then most posts I make lmao.. wtf is up with that??
I always stop in and read Alon i don't post much because i really don't know what to say i guess i make too light an issue out of where you are.... maybe i think in my mind that associating myself with a crim whos in jail is a tad scary, but hey i'll warm up to it.... i just take longer then the average duck...
Your comments about the christian side of nature of late i think is pretty on the money.... i despise fakers and theres way too many of them crawling the BD halls....
Its almost like Dave decided to find god again and a whole truck load of wolves dressed as sheep followed him, i think Dave is the bomb and hes true to his calling even as sudden as it was.... i just feel the facade others are putting on is flimsy at best
"sorry but you know what I mean.."
I'm as christian as the next person I'm not going to talk about it nor am I going to lie about it, but i'm not going to give up my true identity to be accepted into any faith either nor prudently lie to be noticed by "the cliques" tis just stupid and its put me off reading quite a few blogs i don't even like using mr random button anymore, between the fake godly ones, sprouting up, the anti's, the "i'm goth coz i like avril levigne and i wear black nailpolish shit" is more offputting then the ghetto lay down and lets really impress noone.. people.. its a tough choice of whats more interesting to read, ......so in my infinate wisdom of which i have very little....I have settled for the grumpy housewives, men who don't get erections anymore and still wish if they could a female might let it near em, and young mums, and i alwasy view my favourites..I feel thats a strong enough list and they are all worthy reads in fact the housewives and non erect gentlemen make each day shorter healthier and totally bloody hilarious....My favs list got shorter too.. some changed addys or personalities...sigh... oh well i guess the newest fad will be just as exhausting and frivilous... anyhoot....
I hope your Chrissy is Merry and you get too see snow ... If i could send you a gift i think i'd send you a big fat cigar as i know you smoke and some scrumptious eggnogg, I'm sure that combined with your new blankie will warm more then just the cockels in your heart............
Best Wishes

thankyou for commenting on ym sons letter he and his dad worked hard on that..... and it even makes me tear up.... so your thoughts were appreciated....Hugzzz
friday's child
December 12, 2003   09:29 PM PST
Perhaps for the first time in a very long time I am left nearly speechless. The key word here being "nearly" heh heh.

Alon you're so right about Dee ... how much she gives, how generous she is, kind and loving. It's my good fortune to be affliated with her on BD and now in real life. I appreciate your kind words about us although that sort of appraisal is never expected. The reward in giving is in the giving itself.

I am humbled by your comments too about my "honesty". Hell, Alon, I'm just humbled period! You've left me fumbling for words like I don't even know how to construct a sentence.

On a different note - I am a regular reader. I check nearly every day for an update and every time I do read you I'm reminded that it could be me blogging from jail. It's why I care about you (although I don't know you) and why I encourage you - because I know a person can change. I know because I did. I see you heading the same way - toward a better life. And while you're doing so I'll be in the background cheering you on. You know, when you've been where we've been, seen what we've seen - a better life is that much more appreciated. I wish for you good things, Alon.
December 12, 2003   07:24 PM PST
I never knew you visited my, Homeward Bound, blog. Thanx for dropping by Alon. I pray for you, and enjoy it so much as I hear about your progress. I dont always tag or drop a comment - just know I'm there in spirit. 5's!

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