Entry: Happy Holidays From Jail Dec 22, 2003

Its that time of year when the good seem perfect and the bad seem good,
we all tend to try and see through the facade of bullshit most of us insist on wearing for the majority of our lives.
We all do it, we all walk around in a maze of pain at times all the while smiling like nothings wrong, lifes perfect etcetera,
but it seems at Christmas time we tend to all get a little bit more emotional and let go of that barrier
even if its just for a moment or two.
Its nice to see we can be more forgiving and tolerant of others at this time of year and it makes most of us feel all the better for it, although it also seems to work both ways.
We do good ---- to feel good!
Its also that time of year that the cockroaches can crawl out of the woodwork. so I remind you all even in the spirit of christmas beware of the people asking for money for charities, always check their credentials, never give more then you can afford or have and never sign a blank check. if you give, give to the real needy charities that rely and truly need the help from the people every year, like orphanages for homeless children.
And Remember You don't always have to give money to make someones christmas special, any gift is good, even the gift of words.
Take a chance and smile at someone in the street and wish them happy holidays you could be the only person they hear utter those words this holiday season.

Happy Holidays To All and to All a goodnight!

Merry Christmas and happy new Year to all of you who read my blog and to your familys as well.

Friday - I was honored beyond belief by your generous donation in my name,
your an exceptional lady.
Happy Holidays and  I hope your Daddy gets well soon.

signed -


December 24, 2003   05:54 PM PST
what to say...as always alon your words continue to insprie me more and more. this christmas I am alone. My family is too far away and I can't afford to be with them this year. my first christams without them here. though it sint teh greatest, it isnt as bad as i thought that it would be. I have a huge circle of friends that i can share my time with in this time.
They are helping me through my first christmas away from home, as well as my first christmas without my beloved daughter Elizabeth. Almost a year without her now, and it doest get any easier now. But then i guess when ur child dies it never does get easier.
But by reading your words on here it makes me feel a little better and a little safer this holiday season, just knowing that there are people out there like you. people who are willing to get on here and write such words of wisdom as you do. thank you so much for creating you blog and sharing such pearls of wisdome wiht all of us. You really do make a difference in all of our lives. <aybe even some of your words have kept us from doing stupid things, and maybe they have even helped us to do the right things. So i wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year.
Remember the new year means a new beginning.a new page in the book of our lives.
Hugs and kisses,
troubled angel.
paul silence
December 24, 2003   01:30 PM PST
What can I say? I sit here enjoying my freedom when in the back of my mind I know it's very fragile. I hope you have a happy holiday season despite your living conditions. Keep your head up and never let the bastard prison industrial complex bullshit beat you. One day, you'll be free, and if the words on this blog serve as an example then society will be regaining a wonderful person.

paul silence
December 24, 2003   07:15 AM PST
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 23, 2003   06:15 PM PST
Merry Christmas Alon!
You always amaze me with your wonderful ability to look on the bright side of life, to keep the faith, and to look after people.
December 22, 2003   06:34 PM PST
Best wishes to you this holiday season & beyond Alon. Look forward to reading you in the new year as well. Take care.
Friday's Child
December 22, 2003   12:19 PM PST
Thank you Alon for thinking of my father and myself.

As far as the donation goes please know that it was my pleasure. You gift me with more than you'll ever know or that I'll ever be able to thank you for. You are the one who reminds me on a daily basis what it was like, what happened, what it's like now and to be grateful for all of that.

Be well, Alon. You will be thought of through these holidays and I'm hoping there will be a smile or two for you.

Holiday hugs, hun!
December 22, 2003   12:07 PM PST
Alon - God bless you! You sir, show more common sense than 150 self rightious people I have known. I'd prefer your company to theirs any day of the week. This includes sitting in the cell (although you'd probly have me thrown out within the first 30 minutes of snoring).
December 22, 2003   11:37 AM PST

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