Entry: Life In A Tank Jan 15, 2004

Well its not right that i am now restricted to limited net access because an inmate decided to hack into the prison system, but here we are. For the next 3 months [trial period] I have a guard less then 2 feet away watching me type to ya'll  and i have exactly 10 minutes  to do it.
the guys that shit in our nest don't look so happy these days, Its hard to do much damage with ten broken fingers.
Its not just my time they screwed with but over 60 other inmates, we lost even the ability to do research which initially this is what the system here was set up for.
Ten other inmates I am aware of keep a journal of some form, Most write letters to loved ones and family using a diary, journal or blog.
So can understand why they were just a little bit provocated and then pissed off  more when we lost access and then were granted only ten minutes a week to type.

This is the extent of my Internet access [ to this blog ] I have over this duration.
They are placing in a new system and upgrading some of our stuff, as they are bringing in another 5 new classes this year as well teaching computer resources, like web design, c++, programing in Vb, Perl, Java, Php, Asp, graphic arts, computer technician etcetera.
I think its great that this will be taught in the prison and if i am able I will take some of these classes as well.
You can never be short on knowlege, especially to do with computers, I know its the technology revolution of the 90's and now our futures.
Unk is going crazy reading up on Graphic Design Classes hes so brilliant in the arts and he wants to for the first time in his life sign up into a REAL class as well as learn how to hopefully paint using a computer. he did an arts course here some time back to learn how to master brush technices or somethin he paints for his outlet several times a week for about 2 hours. I guess we all need something to help release our frustrations and to help guide ourselves through our time here. one day I'll reflect back on this journal and think to myself good thoughts or bad ones about where i was at in a particular time during my term here. I'm sure it will help guide me further along with my life. I am still hopeful of early release into a state facility lockdown or house arrest situation, even though i will still be incarcerated in some form i will still have a few more freedoms then i do now, obviously this depends on me , my behavior here and how i fair during my study and rehab period. My times up so i'll be back in a week. be careful out there!



February 15, 2004   11:15 PM PST
Hope to see some new posts from you soon. Hope all is well. Keep your head up, and stay positive. :) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
January 23, 2004   09:36 AM PST
hey...i don't know you, but please keep your head up. i can't imagine what it's like, but i'm truly sorry that someone has ruined this for the rest of you. btw...I am a graphic artist and it's loads of fun (most of the time)
January 15, 2004   11:46 AM PST
blahh.. i cant believe some people, i don;t like spoilsports who want to ruin everything for others.. I hope this trial period gets extended so we can hear more form you.. Good Luck I hope you get to do some more courses... oh and I'm positive Unk will love learnign Graphic Art and Deisgn..
Friday's Child
January 15, 2004   11:21 AM PST
Ten minutes is a start I suppose. Good to have you back even if it's limited. Things will get better especially with your attitude being so positive. Hope studies are going well for you. PC classes? Great stuff - I know you will enjoy it. Hope other studies are going well.

Missed ya and as always thinking of you. Take care of you! <hugs>
January 15, 2004   10:52 AM PST
* I am glad you were not permenantly shut down, Alon. Its sad some of people who are so bent on hacking even prison doesnt detur them. Even with broken fingers these addicts of the electronic kind will still find a way to do what they do.
* AND I'm pleased as punch to hear your still positive on making the best of your situation and progressing toward a brighter future.

Way Ta Go! HI-5's!
January 15, 2004   10:13 AM PST
Oh that bites Alon. At least you get the ten minutes I suppose..better than nothing. Sucks when everyone has to suffer because of some idiots wrong doing. Hang in there....
January 15, 2004   09:27 AM PST
I'm interested in graphic design. I'm planning to take classes and learn as much as I can and hopefully turn it into a career.

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