Entry: All for a blob on a stick Jan 26, 2004

we don't get to watch a lot of television here and what we do get to watch is usually rehabilative, or from national geographic, discovery etcetera,  or they choose movies for us on movie nights, we can also request movies as long as they meet the prisons criteria.
Occasionally and depending whos on duty we get to watch some award shows and last night was golden globe night, I have no deep interest in hollywood nor its winners or losers and yet i sat there watching the charade the majority placed upon themselves as they accepted globes wtih zest, and earnest and even braggable self righteousnesss.
The men looked at their best, some shabby  some clean cut and flashy. Its amazing how well men hold their age and how some just let it all fall to the ground. You see someone like Jack Nicholson at 66  then Diane Keaton at 58 and you begin to wonder whos outdoing who?
I almost got the impression that Jack looks better.
I see Al Pacino and I wonder if the 3 of them aren;t having a jowl competition.
Women are the same in a sense  except with the guise of a wonderos makeup artist and hairdresser, they tend to make themselves appear ever so fake  even worse if plastic surgery has had its toll.

I watched  inexcusablely as Nicole Kidmans breasts  left the inside of her gown on several occasions to peep sideways from under her armpits in their perky, controlled fashion and laughed internally at her adjustments. Them Australian chicks are some sort of  something.
I feasted on the  all ladies, as a man would do in jail, wondering  the usual how big her breasts are, how she would be in bed, how great those legs would look wrapped around me, then my mind leapt to other thoughts, like how many lives one of their gowns could save, then along came Meryl and  made us all stare  in silence, maybe even shock as she popped out her last few lines of human honesty and is she right?
Absolutely, how can marriage and steroids in sport be on the top of anyones agenda running government? I sit and  laugh as i fear the worst  of mistakes in our governments history could  be occuring.
Who would even class marriage as an importance in the year 2004.
I believe they think by  throwing millions of dollars into a SCAM to want people to get married to avoid  more  welfare issues is ignorant to say the least, the majority of youngsters having babies becoming single mothers aren't even of legal age, and yet we are now going to school them into wanting to get married, The divorce rate just went up ten fold at the mere thought of this outrageous notion.
15 years olds marrying so we have less single mothers to  live off welfare, so instead you have poor struggling families of another 15 year old to worry about who is now working 2 shifts at macdonalds to raise his child and 15 year old wife because the government believes marriage will fix our single mother situation.
Who doesn't see this as diasterous?
My ten minutes is up, but  i can honestly say to act  in movies and film with the hope fo recieving a ball on a stick as some sort of "acceptance by guilds" in hollywood is rather a waste of time.
Do it because its your passion, not because it means acceptance.
For the Government throwing in the iron on marriage, its time to get a grip, more divorce occurs with the percantage of rich people then it does in lower class families. 11 of them are contributed to one actress in herself,  the odds  of staying married when your rich and unhealthily unhappy are less then if your poor and struggling but love your family. 
Forcing people to marry because of mistakes is like telling the rich they cant get a divorce for the same reasons.
Wake Up and smell your coffee,  You need to re-educate our children on life, sex, drugs,  not on whether they should be getting married if they fall pregnant.
I fear the governments logic has somewhat been overclouded by the recent arrest and capture of Mr Iraq himself (suddam hussain) lets not let that cloud our judgement on what is or is not of HUGE importance in our country, Somehow I think, marriage and sports people on steroids are far from the top 100 on that list.
I guess its an Olympic year " as it seems sport is in the air in government"  and I guess Church  Law is still more important to the president then the laws that actually govern our land.
Food for thought.
Be well folks.



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Sinister Ninja
June 1, 2004   11:43 PM PDT
Oh by the way, blow me, Cherrie. You don't want to challenge my intelligence.
February 15, 2004   12:31 AM PST
Your comments on marriage bothered me some, as I believe in it myself. My husband spent some years in prison before I met him, and we have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful marriage. He is my best friend, and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him with all my heart. Marrying him, to me, was the right thing to do, and I have never regretted it. May you find the same acceptance, joy, and happiness when you leave jail. happy V-Day. :)
January 28, 2004   02:58 PM PST
Agreed on the points of our government. Sometimes I just sit back and laugh, because our politacal and moral systems are so skewed in viewpoint. Apparently, "seperation of church and state" just isn't holding water anymore. I didn't vote for Bush, anyway. :P There are so many important issues out there that need to be dealt with, and the government throws the proverbial wool over our eyes, giving us blinders to see only what they want us to see, to know only what they want us to know. Government funding is going to waste on Iraq, when we could feed the hungry here, work on strenghtening our own defenses, and saving soldier's lives. Great post, hun. Much love and support.
January 28, 2004   09:33 AM PST
I love Nicole Kidman's dress too(same ogling)! That aside, u were right about the govt's policy on that matter but if they don't do that,death rates will be more than birth rates though by any time it gets serious, we would prob all be dead.
January 27, 2004   11:10 PM PST
ummm -Sinister Ninja-DID you read his BLOG at all??
hes in jail, he has ten minutes a week to post here do you honestly think hes concerned about color scheme.. Lord have Mercy at the stupidity of others.
Great post again Alon
Best to you
Sinister Ninja
January 27, 2004   01:12 AM PST
I think you could hold readers better with a color scheme softer on the eyes... this makes my eyes water. Wishing the best to you...
January 26, 2004   02:24 PM PST
so glad to know you are well Alon.

January 26, 2004   01:28 PM PST
One thing for sure Alon - no one, and I mean, no one, can say you let your brain go to waste. You have a really good analytical mind.

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