Entry: my education Feb 24, 2004

After reading chinwaggz blog briefly today --- The first time I had been there in some time, 
and seeing her post on Slipper Slide Education
I felt I had to finally post here again.
I to, was a child who fell into the deep cracks of education.
I could not read very well and yet I managed to continue the climb going upwards through classes,
with this going unnoticed.
Unfortunately for me this was also to be one of my downfalls because pretty soon I was unable to read and understand what I was reading, and it began to show in my work ability.
It was one of the many reasons I left school so young and ventured into a world I wish had not existed.
Although I did attend school for the most part, living from place to place with nowhere to call home or no parents to help me was obviously more of a contributing factor to my failing education and life.
I was also fortunate that a girl I dated for while, whose father was a preacher took time out of his busy schedule to teach me the fundamental basics of reading again and help push me to want to learn more.
And here I am today, without that preacher and I guess my own personal drive at that time to want to learn I would be one of the many victims of todays educational system who simply fell to the side and was never noticed.
I wanted to also say that I haven't posted in a short while due to the constraints here in prison but also due in part  for having a few issues personally I have been dealing with.
May be when the timing is right I will share them in some depth here but until that time I am keeping those to myself.
All I will say is that even locked up in here with a thousand or more other inmates and little drive to co-exist --- much less exist at all has its toll on you --- the outside world seems so far away and yet it really is closer then we all think.
It has been a long few weeks and until I truly can place myself within my own understanding of why things have changed somewhat within me, I am less inclined to post here.
I guess having limited time also has made it difficult but right now I am not in the same frame of mind nor place where I once was and I'm not truly able to reach myself much less share this downward or any other expeience with others.
When its time  for me personally I will co-exist with the blog world again, but right now I feel less then worthy and even more and more less inclined to want to be.
I will be back , as I still find some solace within this blog, The people who are here for me make me want to strive to a better self everyday and even though that sounds very uncomplicated at times it has been somewhat overwhelming.
I'll be back next week with some simpleness to add to this somewhat awkward non functional post that has left not only you but also me in a somewhat state of disarray.



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February 25, 2004   10:30 AM PST
The world isn't much better out here. No matter where you go there is a culture that exists, with that are those that wish to control that it and with that you as well. How ironic that I want to lock myself away from the world because I find it so hard to simply exist in it?! Life itself is its own prison
February 24, 2004   07:11 PM PST
You know, hearing from you really makes me appreciate what I have. You're practically an inspiration. =)
February 24, 2004   06:26 PM PST
i just wanted to let you know that i totally understand where it is you are coming from..i too have felt that way before..but i must tell you...dont feel unworthy because you are very worthy of alot of things..you are a WONDERFUL person...and are doing great for yourself..i totally admire that in you. dont let that weight on a string that is attached to your forehead bring you down...break the string and lift your head high and view the world around you..you are TOTALLY AWESOME ALON.

always in my thoughts and prayers,

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