Entry: Rain Mar 1, 2004

I sit here typing to myself---
the click of others hitting keyboards with zeal, as they too type away their woes or amend their latest  project or other such literary work.
I stop typing and sit staring out the small barred window to the right of me --
Its raining, unusual for this time of the year but almost refreshing a change from the coldness of these walls,
I watch in awe as the small drops of rain splash to the window ledge's surface then splatter off in different directions
The rain has a somewhat calming effect at times, its almost mezmerising yet it can also spell dizaster with is ability to cause floods, famines, and destroy crops, mountains and lives .
We curse the rain when its pouring out from the sky and wetting down our washing hanging on backyard lines or flooding our basement, yet we crave it so badly for our crops and water useage.
Its ironic that something that ultimately looks so beautiful and sounds so wonderous, melodic and magical can be more so associated with, crime, danger, horror, and the worst the world has to offer then with love peace harmony and beauty.
Have you ever noticed in scary movies or sordid tales, horror stories or even melancholy moments that they are all associated with rain and yet here I sit watching its beauty not only humbled by its existance but thinking how amazing it is and how lucky I am to have the privledge of viewing its beauty yet again.
I desperately wish I could reach out for just a few seconds and let those drops reach my hand just to truly feel and absorb its wonderment .
ahh to have what we all take for granted,  the ability to stop and watch our world beyond our walls of life, and  truly take in its essential beauty using that to create a memory that is worthy of our lifetime.



March 7, 2004   06:04 PM PST
Hey, It's been awhile. Probably don't even remember me which is ok. I remember the way you wrote and decided to check if you were still writing. I love the way you express your thoughts.

I love the rain. It calms me. I guess the only reason why they use rain/storms in the movies is because of the darkness and unpredictable lightening.

We do take a lot for granted. We shouldn't.

I'll be back again to see how things are going with you.

March 2, 2004   04:25 PM PST
Hi Alon, I stumbled across your blog and once I started reading your thoughts, I was compelled to keep reading. You have a very nice way with words. It's good to read the thoughts from a man in prison who has such a positive attitude, although I'm sure you have your days when your attitude is a lot less than good. LOL. You must be incarcerated in a California prison; that's the only state I've heard of them allowing inmates to get online. I'm glad you have this outlet...It kinda keeps you in touch with the world. Well, I just wanted to say "HELLO" and compliment you on your writings. I'd like to leave you with a little thought to ponder. It's the greatest mathematical equation I've ever seen. 1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4 Given ! Inmates are human beings too. We've ALL made mistakes, we just don't all pay for them in the same way. May God bless you Alon. *Sherry*
March 2, 2004   03:00 PM PST
ha ha
your in jail!
took it for granted...
March 1, 2004   10:32 PM PST
yes...how beatifully put..stumbled across your blog by chance... I guess to see/read your beatiful thoughts and they truly made me stop and think...
I have the fortune of tasting the rain and am guilty of taking it for granted along with so many other things.... Thank you for the reminder Alon...
Friday's Child
March 1, 2004   04:50 PM PST
Alon - your studies must be going well as your vocabulary has become even more rich - if that as possible. Your post was melodic in it's own right. Never underestimated the beauty and the profundity of what is inside of us. Who or whatever created the rain also created us.

I'm still a little concerned about you - you sound melancholy. Take care of you, hun. <hugzzz>
March 1, 2004   03:23 PM PST
Reminds me of a quote I heard awhile back........

"There has to be rain in order for their to be a rainbow".

I love that. I love your writing.

March 1, 2004   03:07 PM PST
WOW............. thats all i can say!

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