Entry: The Beat Goes On Mar 17, 2004

A title with a sonny and cher theme..
Sorry folks nahhh, it has nothing to do with sonny and cher although I was quite partial to the song and hum it (internally) occasionally.
I havent mentioned Unk for some time but i figured today would be as good as any to mention him, hes been ill, he has an over-active thyroid. I know very little about the medicinal world
except to say hes gained weight and his diet has had to be somewhat altered
and now hes a daily pill popper, however poor old unk is a tired man these days, he seems to have lost his active side and sleeps more then maybe he should these days.
hes doing better since hes been to the doc and got medication but he just isnt himself.
I keep tellin him soon enough he'll be pushing me around again and life won't even have appeared to have slowed for the time it did.
I think  its gotten much colder in here then it usually is, its weird how crowds and emotions shift, newcomers are brought in  and some old ones depart.
Although on a whole old crims leaving with new ones replacing them isn't always a good thing.
Ya get use to your surroundings in here and get all to comfortable with them.
Seeing a new face trying to blend in with other prisoners is like spotting a bright pink frog sitting  on a huge green leaf, you aint gonna miss it.
I think newcomers think by just sitting at a table  without sayin nothing they blend in because literally we all dress and look somewhat the same to a point. But nahh sorry horaceo you stick out like a great ass on a laker girl, and nothin is gonna change that!
newcomers mean fresh blood in the system, another chance for someone to have power of some kind, its all about power and tiers in here,  when ya new your on the bottom tier and you have no power at all, unless  of course your comin in for another stint here and are already known on the scene then its kinda like-- welcome home Jack great to see your still stealing cars and choppin them up for a livin.
I figure more then  2/3's of  crims that have been in here since i have, have come back,
mostly robbery and drug charges etcetera
its an interesting lifestyle to a point, i mean they have a betting and gambling ring happening everytime someone goes on how many days weeks months it will be before they see him back in here.
Sometimes we screw up and they end up back in the system just not in here.
Today i shook the hand of a fellow prisioner for the last time, Steel (steve) hes out after a ten year stint, and I'm hopin he won't come back, hes almost  the epitomy of what prison reform is all about.
hes leaving to try and forge a life for himself in criminal behavioral sciences, hes smart guy and has 2 degrees he earnt whilst sitting in here in jail, ya gotta respect that somewhere down the line.
A drug Dealer at 22 caught for i think 5th or 6th time, ten years in here, now totally reformed, hes never touched drugs just got caught up in the world of selling them to make ends meet. Well now he has new opportunitys and I wish him well. hes one guy I'll be stayin in contact with.
Purely for the motivation of knowing i can do what he did but also to see if this reform and rehab program we are caught up in here actually do work.

Steel may the luck of the irish follow you
and enjoy your freedom.



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April 30, 2004   08:15 AM PDT
You can indeed reform if you truly want to. That ball IS in your court, so are the lives of other innocent people. We each have the power to choose to alter someones lives forever by our actions in a good way, or a bad way. You choose which it will be for you, only you, nobody else can choose that for you. I enjoyed your blog, keep writing, but more importantly make right choices.
March 25, 2004   05:34 PM PST
Well I read your whole blog and I’m not sure exactly what I want to say but I’ll try. You blog is good you seem to have a good out look on life. But I’m not going to suck your ass like all these kids are doing. I just want to remind everyone that you are in jail, you did commit a crime several in fact you said. What’s to say that wasn’t my mom working at the 711 you robbed and what’s to say you could have pulled the trigger. I hope you do reform because lord knows your going to get out one day and if you or Steel or any other prisoner falls back into their old ways I just hope it’s not my kid or family or anyboby elses for that matter the gets raped or working at the store that gets robbed
March 18, 2004   05:14 AM PST
I have only read a few of your entries, so far. I think you have something special here. You should think of, upon getting out and completing that chapter of your life, taking your blog to a publisher and make a few off of your daily rants and stories. It's a really great blog, and I commend you on it!
March 17, 2004   07:57 PM PST
Writing is it's own kind of healer/reformer, isn't it?
March 17, 2004   01:57 PM PST
hmm... i was bored at work and i went under favorites and there you were. i read some of your stuff before getting back to work. i like it a lot and think it is great the you get to write on here! anyways.. just wanted to say hi... hope everything goes well for you... god bless
March 17, 2004   11:44 AM PST
I wanted to wish you well on your journey to reform. I have to say that I really enjoy reading your posts. Good luck on your degrees while you're there too.
March 17, 2004   09:31 AM PST
Always nice to hear how things are going in your end of the world, Alon. Get well wishes to Unk. I have faith in your and your desire to reform - you can do it, hun.

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